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When karma weighs heavily on the mind, it can affect your mental and physical health. Clear your conscience and find release with me, Stephanie Sosa: Psychic & Spiritual Healer. I often look at the evolutionary life lineage (past lives) and address key obstacles that have been replayed through different lifetimes. These past lives may need to be healed and released from their karma contract. As long as your body carries the genetic imprint of family, ancestral, or personal karma, corresponding patterns will play out repeatedly with new circumstances and characters.

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Mending the Body With Spiritual Intervention

Conventional medicine has its benefits, but sometimes you need to look deeper into the body for answers. If you're concerned about the risk of traditional treatments, I can help treat you with alternative medicine. You'll find natural healing methods and recommend remedies that benefit your body. Healing practice based in Huntington Beach, California.

Mediator to Divine Beings

Celestial beings such as angels play an important role in my abilities. Since I was a child, I could see angels and they have assisted me in helping my clients. Together, we work as a team to solve matters of the body, heart, and soul. I act as a spiritual medium between their world and ours' so they can perform their miraculous healing.